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Gimbals, Shoulder & Hand Held Support Rigs

Camera Riser - Chrosziel/Zacuto/Genus, 15mm bars

For C300 etc...

R350.00 per day Ex VAT: R350.00

Camera Riser - Vocas 15mm Bars


R180.00 per day Ex VAT: R180.00


Handheld camera stabiliser for DSLR and mirrorless...

R190.00 per day Ex VAT: R190.00

Chrosziel 19mm - 15mm Bars Adapter


R130.00 per day Ex VAT: R130.00

Chrosziel Handgrip Extensions

Can be used with Ronford Baker moose bars to extend handgrips Standard Arri rosettes..

R110.00 per day Ex VAT: R110.00

Chrosziel LWS-FS5 shoulder and 15mm Bars Support

Included with FS5...

R280.00 per day Ex VAT: R280.00

Chrosziel LWS-FS7 Shoulder and 15mm Bars Support

 Included with FS7...

R280.00 per day Ex VAT: R280.00

Chroziel Bridge Plate, Dovetail Plate & 19mm Bars


R550.00 per day Ex VAT: R550.00

DJI Ronin RS 2 Pro Gimbal

RS 2 + 1080p Transmitter, Servo & More Lightweight Design with 10 lb Payload Supports BMPCC 6K..

R800.00 per day Ex VAT: R800.00

DSLR Red Rock Shoulder Rig

For DSLR & Mirrorless cameras (5D, 7D, α7s) Will work with Small-Rig and Tilta camera cages ..

R350.00 per day Ex VAT: R350.00

Easy Rig Mini Max (Adjustable 2-7Kg)

Adjustable to take weights between 2-7 kg Quick set-up, under a minute Improve the quality of yo..

R900.00 per day Ex VAT: R900.00

Easy Rig Vario-5 (Adjustable From 5kg–17kg)

Can be adjusted to match your camera setup ranging from 5-17 kg Used in countless movies, TV-serie..

R1,400.00 per day Ex VAT: R1,400.00

iSteady Gimbal For Action Cameras

Works with Go-Pro and other action cameras up to 150g Up to 12 h Runtime, Splash-Proof Design ..

R450.00 per day Ex VAT: R450.00

Ronford-Baker Moose Bars (Hand Grips)

Fits 19 & 15mm Bars Standard Arri rosettes..

R350.00 per day Ex VAT: R350.00

Shoulder Rig For Small ENG & Cine Cameras

Will work with Sony 160’s, 300’s, Canon C300 etc. Riser, 15mm Bars, Moose bars..

R600.00 per day Ex VAT: R600.00

SmallRig VCT-14 Baseplate 15mm Shoulder Support


R450.00 per day Ex VAT: R450.00

Tilta 19mm Cine Lens Support


R160.00 per day Ex VAT: R160.00

Tilta Moose Bars (Hand Grips)

Will fit 19 & 15mm bars Arri rosettes Adjustable hand-grips..

R350.00 per day Ex VAT: R350.00

Tilta, Zacuto, Vocas 15mm Lens Support


R150.00 per day Ex VAT: R150.00

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