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Wireless Hand & Lapel Microphones & Wired Lapels

Rode Wireless Pro Compact Microphone System

Dual-channel compact wireless microphone system.32-bit float on-board recording, for recovering clip..

Sennheiser EW-100 G2/G3/G4 Radio Lapel Mic

For Presenters and Performers ME 2-II Omnidirectional Lav Mic Lightweight Bodypack Transmitter ..

Sennheiser MKE-2 Pro Microphone For G2/G3

For Sennheiser Transmitters Locking 3.5mm Connector Superb sound and Omnidirectional Pickup Patt..

Sennheiser SKP-500 Wireless TX For Handheld Mic & RX

For Professional Filmmaker, Videographer Rugged Plug-On Transmitter with 48V Phantom Makes a PE5..

Shure SM58 SLX2/4 Wireless Handheld (For Studio & Events)

For Presenters and Performers SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Capsule Handheld Transmitter Predictive-Di..

Sony ECM 77 Cable Lapel Mic's (Wired)

For Theater, Live & Studio Use Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern Runs on 48V Phantom or AA Batt..

Sony EWP-D11 Radio Lapel Mic Kit (Bodypack Tx/Rx)

Omnidirectional Lav Mic Bodypack Transmitter with Auto Gain True-Diversity Camera-Mount Receiver..

Sony EWP-D12 Radio Handheld Mic Kit (Handheld Tx)

Dynamic Cardioid Mic Capsule Handheld Transmitter with Auto Gain True-Diversity Camera-Mount Rec..

Sony Radio Mic – WRR 55, WRT60 (ENG Setup For Sony PMW 400)

Diversity receiver that Slots into rear of Sony ENG HD cameras Small lightweight bodypack transmit..

Sony UTX-PO3 Plug-in Transmitter

+48V Phantom Power Digital Companding Circuitry USB Charging and Power Mic/Line Input Level Sw..

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