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Audio Equipment Hire

AudioReturn Cable – XLR Connectors


R190.00 per day Ex VAT: R190.00

Azden Audio Adapter for 5D & 7D (XLR, RCA)

2 balanced XLR mic/line inputs Mini jack stereo microphone input Stereo mini-jack output for DSL..

R380.00 per day Ex VAT: R380.00

Azden SGM-250CX Pro Cine Short Rifle

For mounting on cinema and mirrorless cameras Super-cardioid polar pattern for rejecting side nois..

R180.00 per day Ex VAT: R180.00

Bayer M59 H Held Mic

Cardioid – high noise environment...

R150.00 per day Ex VAT: R150.00

Beechtec DXA-SLR Audio Adapter for 5D & 7D (XLR, RCA)

Phantom power and XLR for DSLR. Disables AGC compression. Decent preamps..

R380.00 per day Ex VAT: R380.00

Coles Commentary Lip Mic

Ribbon Mic for Commentary and Speech Directional Polar Pattern Low-Cut Roll-Off at 16 Hz For C..

R220.00 per day Ex VAT: R220.00

Electro Voice RE 50 Hand Held Omni Directional Dynamic Mic

Designed Specifically for Interviews Omnidirectional Polar Pattern Dynamic Mic Element Low Han..

R150.00 per day Ex VAT: R150.00

Fostex 6301B Audio Monitors (Pair)

In-built 10W RMS power amplifier (8 ohm load) Power on/off switch Rotary level control Big sou..

R320.00 per day Ex VAT: R320.00

Mackie 14 Channel Mixer

For Sound Reinforcement Applications 6x Onyx Preamps 3-Band EQ 48V Phantom Power..

R400.00 per day Ex VAT: R400.00

Microphone Stand


R60.00 per day Ex VAT: R60.00

Panamic Boom

Industry standard Souondless Strong and lightweight..

R180.00 per day Ex VAT: R180.00

Panamic Three Stage Long Boom 4m


R250.00 per day Ex VAT: R250.00

Piezo EX-220 Condenser Microphone (Cardioid)

For Streaming, VoIP, Music & More Works on Computers and Tablets 3.5mm Jack with Low-Latency..

R150.00 per day Ex VAT: R150.00

Rode/Sony Short Rifle for DSLR 5D/7D (3.5mm Jack)


R150.00 per day Ex VAT: R150.00

Samson XP106W 100W Portable PA Speaker, Microphone & Stand

Portable PA Speaker, Microphone & Stand..

R420.00 per day Ex VAT: R420.00

Sennheiser EW-100 G2/G3/G4 Radio Lapel Mic

For Presenters and Performers ME 2-II Omnidirectional Lav Mic Lightweight Bodypack Transmitter ..

R300.00 per day Ex VAT: R300.00

Sennheiser HD 25 Head Phones

Indispensable for mobile monitoring Perform exceptionally well in ENG, sound reinforcement, studio..

R120.00 per day Ex VAT: R120.00

Sennheiser ME66 Condenser Rifle Mic with Rycote Softy (XLR)

ME 66 Shotgun Microphone Head K6 Phantom-/Battery-Powering Module Supercardioid/Lobar Polar Patt..

R250.00 per day Ex VAT: R250.00

Sennheiser MKE-2 Pro Microphone For G2/G3

For Sennheiser Transmitters Locking 3.5mm Connector Superb sound and Omnidirectional Pickup Patt..

R130.00 per day Ex VAT: R130.00

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